Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fuji X100: Some rock and roll pics

I've been diligently carrying the X100 around everywhere I go until I have to give it back. I'm learning to live with many of its quirks, and I'll publish a "tips" post once I'm done with it. Here are a couple things I've figured out lately:
  •  There's a way around the "silent mode" flash dilemma - just turn off the operational volume and shutter sound. Voila, permanent silent mode, and you can just call up the flash whenever you want it. Who needs a fake shutter sound, anyway? (If you do, there are three to choose from.)
  • ISO is weird. You can set auto ISO parameters through the setup menu (not the ISO menu), but if you set a specific ISO in the main menu, auto ISO won't go any lower than that number. I had briefly turned off the auto ISO the other day and set the X100 to ISO 400 in order to meter a shot I was taking with a 1957 Ricoh 500, which has no meter...anyhow, I assumed that auto ISO would override the manual ISO setting, not so. No big deal, really, but good to know.
A couple co-workers play in a band that played an early evening show the other day, so I got right up on the stage and snapped a few shots.


  1. Wow, I thought it was quiet already, I had not realized you could make it virtually silent! Cool, when you're used to an SLR.

    Great camera, I'm sure it'll inspire many followers over the years, from Fuji and perhaps others.

  2. Yeah, you can barely hear it! I really think you could be 18" away from someone and they wouldn't hear it. The X100 is stealth.