Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Post

I won't be posting any more to this blog. I have a full-time job and a little daughter, so I think I'd rather spend what little time is left over taking pictures, cooking, playing music, and doing other things I enjoy. I write for a living, so prattling on about photo topics halfheartedly for nobody in particular gives me no real satisfaction.

This blogging platform doesn't offer much flexibility for posting photos, so I'll be presenting my work elsewhere.

I'll leave the blog up, though, in case you find any of its old posts to be of any use. Looking for a review of the Olympus XA2? How to develop photos using caffeine and vitamin C? Try the search bar.

Here's where you can see my work on the web:

Daily photoblog 

B&W film shots

Project 365

My best work (my daughter's site)

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  1. You're right : life is short, enjoy it with other things, like Aminus, sometimes. I wonder, sometimes ... a blog, not a blog ? And I go on, because I like it, even if my daughters are not little and if I like cooking ... :-) ...)