Friday, November 21, 2008

G10 First Impressions

I've only had my hands on the G10 for a couple days, but I thought I'd share just a few first impressions.

First of all, the G10 has a LOT of features. The manual is longer and more complex than the one for the 50D.

It's covered in knobs and dials. The G10 is heavy and big for a compact. My wife noted that it looked like an old camera, and I agree — it has the look of an old rangefinder. I rather like the look of it, but at its size it needs a jacket pocket in transport, or to be worn around your neck.

You can see some barrel distortion at 28mm. The colors look
good straight from the camera, set at "Vivid.".

It's got a little grip on the right size which makes it very comfortable to hold. The outside of the camera is covered in covered in rubber where the grip is, makes it very easy to hold.

The screen is nice. Not at the level of the 50D's new screen, but definitely better than my 40D's screen.

The lens goes to 28mm wide, nice.

Exposure compensation has its own dial, pretty cool. I can program in my favorite 5 or 6 menu settings into "My Menu," for easy recall later. There's also C1 and C2 settings on the dial for complete camera setup memories; it's one of my favorite features on the 40D, too.

The macro function works great! Better than the automatic macro setting in any camera I've ever used.

Macro shots are fun with the G10.

The G10 goes all the way to ISO 3200, but it's a joke. So far, ISO 400 is the limit I'd recommend, but I'll reserve final judgment for when I've had more time to test.

The hotshoe on top lets you bounce a flash.

There's a hotshoe on top, so I attached my 430EX flash and was able to bounce it, like with the shot above.

The RAW files aren't compatible with anything other than Canon's DIgital Photo Professional software, which feels clunky to me. And I didn't like being knocked out of my workflow, so I'm switching to fine jpeg. I'll shoot some RAW frames later on and put them in the time capsule until Adobe updates their software.

I'm going to keep on shooting with this fun camera and report back later.

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