Friday, December 5, 2008

5D Mark II

Hey, that image quality sucks! Oh, wait, it's a 100% crop at ISO 1600, taken from the snapshot below.

The RAW files are incompatible with PS3/Lightroom 2 right now, so here's a workaround: download the latest DNG converter, convert your files to DNG, then import into Lightroom or open in PS3.

It looks and feels a lot like the 40D. The buttons on the back which are below the screen on the 40D have returned to the left-hand side. The vestigial print button now activates Live View, which as you all know shoots 1080p movies. The movie controls are miles ahead of the D90's (for one thing, autofocus and exposure lock are possible), but this is no camcorder: it will require some planning ahead to make a watchable video. More on that later as I fiddle around with it.

The shutter button feels slightly different than that of the 40D; it takes a little less pressure to press halfway, and a little more to press the shutter. the shutter makes slightly more noise, too.

Base ISO is 100-6400, expandable to 50-25600. Here's one at ISO 6400:

Down-rezzed for the web, but 6400 sure looks usable. I can't wait to take it outside tomorrow. More to come.

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