Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New toy

My Canon 28/1.8 came today. I have been eying the lens for awhile now, since my wife and I are about to have a baby, and I knew I'd need a wider (and better) low-light lens for taking baby photos. I haven't even looked at any test shots yet, but I'll post a few soon.

One thing that's obvious right off the bat is that it's well-constructed, and the USM focus will be appreciated. But why does Canon insist on making those lens caps that pinch on the outside? How am I supposed to get the cap on and off with a hood attached? I ordered this little neoprene sock that fits over the end of the hood, so I'm going to give that a shot. I hope it works out, because I lost the cap to my 100-300mm lens trudging around in the woods last weekend. It has a 58mm front element, just like the 28/1.8.

The lens looks and feels a lot like the 85/1.8. If it performs like that lens, I'll be pretty happy.

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