Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today was likely one of the last Fall days where it was really warm — 70 degrees or so. We went for a walk in the park after running our typical weekend errands. I had my 40D and a 28-135mm IS lens, which gave me just enough reach to grab a tight crop of a circling hawk.

I spent the last couple of weeks testing the new 18-200mm IS lens for work, and I could have used the extra reach a couple of times today, like when another walker spied the camera around my neck and pointed out a Blue Heron perched on a log in the river.

Further down the path there's a rope swing, and there are always some people there whenever we're in the park. We heard a lot of splashing on the way over, and at first we both thought maybe someone was swimming, odd because it's so late in the year, despite the temperature. Well, someone was swimming — a cute little female pit bull. And not only was she swimming, she was using the rope swing!

All told, it was just a nice little walk on a Fall day, one for snapshots. Leaves are changing and falling, and the best colors may be yet to come. I hope everyone else got a chance to get out and enjoy some nice weather today.

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