Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes the small features are key

One of the things I like best on my Canon 40D is right up on the dial: complete setup memories. There are three of them (C1, C2, C3) which let me pre-program all the shooting settings I need, with instant access at the twist of the dial.

This came in handy when I shot a wedding earlier this year. I set it up so C1 was for outside the chapel, C2 was inside the chapel, and C3 was indoors at the reception hall. I was on the move all day, and there were a few times that this setup saved me precious seconds — and got the shot I wanted because of it.

But it's not just useful for the fast-paced madness of your typical wedding day. Earlier today I went for a walk, and set my camera up like this before I left:
  • C1: "All purpose mode" ISO 200, f/8, aperture priority, one-shot AF, center-weighted average metering, center autofocus point, -1/3 av exposure compensation
  • C2: "Action shot mode" ISO 400, f/8, aperture priority, AI servo AF, evaluative metering, high-speed burst, all the autofocus points, -1/3 av exposure compensation
  • C3: "Panning mode" ISO 200, 1/30 second, shutter priority, one-shot AF, spot metering, center autofocus point, -1/3 av exposure compensation
I ended up using C1 and C2, but not C3. But at least I was ready for a sweet panning shot.

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